The Benefits of Robotic Laser Welding Over Traditional Welding Processes

Enhancing Quality and Efficiency: The Advantages of Robotic Laser Welding over Traditional Welding Processes

Robotic laser welding is a new age solution to many traditional welding applications and processes. It poses many appealing advantages to various industries as its application has become more useful over time. Laser welding technology doesn’t entirely replace traditional welding, it is however better suited for some parts

What sort of advancements have been made in laser welding technology that made it a better solution for manufacturers? And what secrets does laser welding have that can not be replicated via traditional welding?

The Benefits of Robotic Laser Welding Over Traditional Welding Processes

How Robotic Laser Welding Technology Advanced

Advancements in vision technology is one of the main reasons why laser welding technology progressed to where it is today. Complex welding jobs require scanner optical configurations, scanner controls, and real-time interfaces for optical sensors. Allowing the robot to accurately and efficiently weld intricate pieces in accordance to its presets.

The applications of laser welding are vast due to its capabilities and precision. More often than not, it logically replaces the use of traditional welding. This is because welding accuracy increases exponentially, even for high volume, multi-pass parts when combined with an advanced 3D vision system.

Top Benefits of Robotic Laser Welding

The Benefits of Robotic Laser Welding Over Traditional Welding Processes

Being that robotic laser welding is inherently more precise and focused, welds are done cleaner and with far less touch up or rework. It doesn’t use nearly as much energy or resources and creates deep and accurate welds.

Laser welding solutions are very adaptable, even for complex applications. Many welding jobs would benefit from the high accuracy and speed done by robotic laser welding. Regardless of the type of metal being used, laser welding has a much smaller heat-affected zone. Minimizing distortion.

Traditional welding can’t ever be entirely replaced but for those looking to automate their welding process should look into robotic laser cutting. It is accurate, clean, and flexible, and applicable to a large variety of processes.

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