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Infinity CNC

Provides ultimate flexibility to do what you need today and also meet your changing needs in the future. The Multi-Axis Control covers a broad range of Processes – Fiber Laser, Plasma, Oxy-Fuel, Pipe, Bevel, Drilling and More!

  • Tool Path Graphics
  • Industrial Grade Touchscreen Operation
  • Cut & Power loss recovery
  • 50 Macro Shape library
  • On The Fly Nesting
  • Tactile controls of 8 Stations, Speed Pot Control, Joy Stick and 3 USD Interfaces

Available as a Turn Key Retrofit package with Motors, Gear Boxes and Torch Height Control

POP Technology

Advanced motion and process control allows for reduction of up to 40% in plate processing time. Operates as a Full Interpolating Axis, not positioning like others. This allows for complex motion control.

Bevel Cutting

Very low backlash bevel cutting for your precise weld preparation needs

  • Maximum tilt 50 degrees from vertical for true corners without loops.
  • 3 Axis A, B, Z simultaneous for true 5 axis motion
  • <1 arc/min back lash
  • Laser pointer for accurate origin definition
  • Magnetic anti-collision system preserves the integrity of the torch and machine in the event of a crash
  • Motor brakes prevent collapse of bevel head during power off
  • Weight  <110lbs. (50kg) total

Drill Head

This sentence describes the technology.

  • CAT 50 Drill station with 15kW motor
  • 4 station automatic tool changer (standard)
  • 2” diameter drill capacity
  • MQL (minimum quantity lubricant) system, delivered through cutting tool
  • Cutting bridge outfitted with appropriate reinforcement and clamping apparatus
  • Available on Production HD Series Machine only

Bolt-ready Holes

This sentence describes the technology.

  • Dynamic Real-Time process control to make quality cuts consistently
  • “Diameter Pro” is the ideal process when you’re cutting holes in Mild Steel and Aluminum from 1:1 or greater diameter to thickness ratio
  • Works from 10GA to 1”

Oxy-Fuel Cutting

This sentence describes the technology. Simply select material type and thickness and start cutting!

  • Digital Flow Control valves and solenoids allow for exact manipulation of pre-heat and cutting gases
  • User friendly touch screen interface allows for quick and repeatable setting of gas pressures and timers