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JL Metals

 JL Metals Inc.

Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada

Written by: Shop Metalworking Technology Magazine

Magdi Boctor couldn't be happier with the success of his business. The owner of JL Metals Inc. in Stoney Creek, ON, invested in a plasma cutting machine from Rhino Cutting Systems last year, and "we've had tremendous success with plasma technology."
Plasma technology isn't new to the metal fabrication company. For more than a decade, the company outsourced plasma cutting work, but with business growing steadily, JL Metals decided it was time to bring the work in-house.
"We started with one shift and now a year later we're on our way to filling up a second shift because of the plasma cutting work we're doing. Plasma technology has opened doors to a number of OEMs and they're now asking for laser cutting work too so we're looking at fiber laser technology."
The Rhino plasma cutting machine is the company's 400 amp Ultra Cut XT equipped with Linatrol Cut auto nesting software. The machine measures 2.4 by 7.62 m (8 by 25 ft) and is designed with a downdraft table and an automatic fume extraction system. The machine is Canadian made and Rhino is located 15 minutes away from JL Metal's facility, two key factors that made it easy for Boctor to select the Rhino plasma system. Boctor says he's impressed with the performance of the machine, and perhaps more importantly, impressed with the service and support from Rhino Cutting Systems.


"Everything they told us they would do they lived up to and that's a rare occurrence. It's wonderful to deal with an equipment manufacturer that sells you the machine and stands by it from the start with training and servicing. If the machine goes down for any reason, Rhino's people can enter into the machine remotely to resolve any issues. I can't say enough about how this Canadian manufacturer has been with us."
The support has been critical for JL Metals. Since the company had been outsourcing plasma cutting work, shop floor personnel didn't have the experience working on plasma cutting machines so it was a big learning curve, but Boctor says Rhino supported the company with training and ongoing support to ensure everyone understood and knew how to operate and troubleshoot the machine.
Boctor formed JL Metals in 1996. The company began primarily as a shearing operation, but as business grew, Boctor says shearing became an ineffective process for cutting more complex parts in smaller batches. Plasma has helped to address the issues and Boctor says fiber laser cutting in the near future will help to address the needs of a growing number of customers.