Rhino Cutting Systems Inc. 5316 John Lucas Drive, Burlington, Ontario L7L 6A6

Rhino Cutting Systems

We believe that Rhino Cutting Systems together with our strategic partners can provide you with a solution that will offer superb cutting, together with significant operational improvements that will meet or exceed all of the requirements of your production needs.


While Rhino Cutting Systems is a relatively new entity, the individuals working for Rhino Cutting Systems bring more than 30 years of experience in cutting controls and table design and manufacturing. Our Strategic partner on the electronic side of the proposal, Linatrol Systems Inc. has been supplying controls to the international marketplace for fifty years and has deployed over 10,000 controls worldwide to such customers as The ESAB Group , Koike Aronson, Koike Sanso Kogyo Co. Ltd. and Messer Cutting Systems Inc. to name a few. In regard to software, we are partnered with FastCAM Pty Ltd. who brings a suite of patented software including Edgesmart, Weldprep and the 3D Beveling software demonstrated at the recent FABTEC trade show in Chicago, IL.

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